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Build Habits Around These Simple Daily Oral Hygiene Tips

If you truly care about your teeth, then you need to take steps to protect them. You can use dental hygiene tips to keep your teeth clean and healthy. Plaque is a tooth’s worst nightmare, and it’s a sticky substance that accumulates on your teeth. Unfortunately, plaque can even build up in areas of your mouth that you cannot reach with a toothbrush.

Plaque is filled with bacteria and can even cause gum irritation. When your gums are irritated, they become susceptible to bleeding, sensitive and red. Dental exams from our Spindale NC general dentist at one of our local dentist offices can help you fight serious dental hygiene issues. You can protect your teeth at home with effective dental hygiene tips.

Proper Brushing

One of the best tips is to brush properly. While brushing, the bristles on your brush should be positioned at a 45-degree angle from your gum line. The tooth surface and gum line should be in constant contact with the bristles.

Your teeth should be brushed with up, down and sideways motions. To remove bacteria from the mouth, you should also brush your tongue and mouth roof. It’s best to brush at least twice per day, which prevents bacteria from breaking down food and producing harmful acid.

Floss Daily

If you’re like most people, you probably feel like flossing is a chore. When you floss your teeth, you’re able to clean areas that are missed by brushing. Flossing should be performed at least once per day.

For the best results and to make flossing more enjoyable, don’t be afraid to spend the extra money and get high-quality floss picks, which uses durable, comfortable material.

Limit Intake of Harmful Substances

Whether you realize it or not, alcohol, coffee and soda can all be classified as harmful substances for your teeth. Soda and similar products can rob the body of calcium and cause a number of serious dental hygiene issues.

Coffee is notorious for causing severe staining and can leave you with very unsightly teeth. Unfortunately, soda has the same effect. You can visit our general dentist and get dental exams in our local dentist office. If you need more tips and want to keep your teeth as healthy as possible, call our Spindale NC dentist today.