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Visit Our Local General Dentist 2 Times Per Year. Here’s Why!

Regular dental care is important for individuals of all ages. Even if you think your teeth are in good shape, it is still important to see a general dentist on a regular basis. Visits to your local dentist office are about much more than simply getting your teeth cleaned, although that is important, as well. Most people do not realize that regular dental checkups are just as important for early prevention and detection of gum disease as they are for oral hygiene.

During a regular checkup, your general dentist will perform dental exams, including take X-rays, in order to spot any possible signs of infection or decay. Regular cleanings and treatments are also a necessary part of maintaining and improving your overall oral health.

Dental caries can result in the buildup of tartar and small decay lesions. At first, these problems may not seem that severe and may not result in pain, but over time, they can lead to serious oral health problems. General dentistry is aimed at preventing such problems from occurring through the provision of sealants, cleanings, and fluoride applications. In the event that your dentist notices the presence of more serious problems, he or she will also be able to make recommendations to correct those problems and prevent them from becoming serious. For instance, general dentists are often the first to notice early signs of oral cancer, such as suspicious discolorations located around the gums or oral tissues. Since the mouth also serves as a gateway to the rest of the body, your dentist may also be able to detect other health conditions, such as oral lesions or gum diseases that could indicate the presence of a diabetic complication.

Although brushing and flossing at home are vital to maintaining healthy teeth, visiting your local dentist office for a professional tooth cleaning provides a comprehensive way of getting rid of plaque buildup. A dental checkup and cleaning are recommended about every six months.

Remember that it is much easier to prevent oral health problems from developing than to repair them after the fact. A lack of proper dental hygiene and care, including dental exams, can lead to a number of issues, including gum disease, bone loss, and infections. Your dentist can help to prevent problems from developing with teeth cleanings and fluoride treatments.

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