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The Great Debate: Electric vs. Manual Toothbrush. Spindale Dentist Shares More!

Keeping your teeth clean involves brushing them at least twice per day. Dental patients have so many choices today for the kind of toothbrush they would like to use. Our Spindale family dentist understands that manual toothbrushes and electric toothbrushes both have their advantages. The important part is that you choose one and use it every day.

Consider these teeth brushing tips that will help you decide between electric and manual toothbrushes.

Manual Toothbrushes

Manual toothbrushes have been used for a long time in our culture, and they have a proven track record of success.

  • Cost – Depending on the type and geographic location, a manual toothbrush will cost between 2 dollars and 8 dollars. This is a perfect fit for most budgets.
  • Convenience – You can replace these toothbrushes for a low price at any corner drug store. And you can take them with you when you travel without worrying about charging docks.
  • Tongue Cleaning – Manual toothbrushes often do a better job cleaning your tongue than electric toothbrushes. This is important for fresh breath and a healthy mouth. A general dentist also recommends that children use manual toothbrushes to learn proper techniques.

Electric Toothbrushes

  • Automatic Timer – Most electric toothbrushes have automatic timers that tell you how long you’ve been brushing your teeth. This is a great advantage so that people know when to stop and when to keep going.
  • Efficient – Electric toothbrushes tend to have smaller heads than manual toothbrushes. This makes it easier for them to reach the sides of the teeth as well as other small areas in the mouth. Remember the teeth brushing tips to reach the back of the mouth as well.
  • Ease of Use – Electric toothbrushes perform the work for you. People with arthritis or other pain in their hands can still get clean teeth. The only downsize to an electric toothbrush is that it costs much more than a manual toothbrush.

In the end your choice comes down to personal preference. Our Spindale family dentist would encourage you to choose the type of toothbrush that you will use every day. That’s what’s important. Remember to brush first thing in the morning and at night before bed. Make sure to brush for a full two minutes for maximum results. A general dentist believes that many people brush each day, but they don’t give it enough time to achieve a quality clean.